Embracing the ‘NOW’.

The world and the conditioning it brings, is designed to make us feel that we, at this moment, are not good enough. We need to have a different body, better lifestyle, another wardrobe, another product and so forth.

All it is trying to say is: What you are NOW, is not good enough. You need something ‘more’ to be complete. And the term ‘complete’ is so subjective that it is essentially a non-reachable state.

  • That’s why you see fairness creams being sold in South Asian countries and tanning salon gaining their business in American sub-continent.
  • That’s why, you have a product which claims to be better for you, (but really it is not) and then, another product to fix the damage the previous product has done.
  • That’s why, a young girl wants to look mature, an older woman wants to look young.

After all, what we are doing is chasing a reality which is not our’s and is not entirely true.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot, about how we are brainwashed with all the marketing and advertisements around.

Even people around us, wants a different version of us. If you are not married, they want us married. If you are married, they want kids. If you have kids, they want more kids (“Oh, do you want to have a girl now?” I get that a lot!!)

If we take a little detached view on this matter, we will get to understand that- we have been manipulated from ages, in fact generations.

There is no species other than humans, who want to be someone else other than themselves, at that very moment.

The silver lining is that there is shift in consciousness and reality of people. People are getting more self-aware of how our minds and brains work. There is a good majority which is rising to our own greatness as humans, and not running after any unreal reality.

So, what we must do is to- Embrace the ‘NOW’ – in every way.”

“Now” is the only true moment in your life. Rest everything is a story or a dream.

If you are 20 or 40 or 80 years old, embrace it.

I aspire to see a time, when we all know how complete we are, in every way and don’t need any validations from anyone around us.

Embrace the NOW.

You are perfect.


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