Finding your anchor.

Imagine you are on a boat which is flowing all over the sea on a high tide day. And then suddenly, you find an anchor which can balance the boat.

Even if you cannot control the tide, the anchor gives you the necessary control of the boat. And you know you are safe, until your boat has an anchor.

This analogy is so beautifully used to explain the role of the anchor in our own lives.
Whenever life seems tumultuous, we all have been blessed with an anchor which has the solution of the high tides or hard days. And that anchor is –the conscious awareness of our breath.

We all have those days, when life seems difficult, even a small work feels like a forever task, and to get through these hard times, just hold on to this anchor by breathing slowly, mindfully and consciously.

If you have just started this practice, you will notice that the breath is short and shallow. But with time and practice of conscious breathing, the breath will be long and deep.

And to our surprise, everything will again start flowing or will give you a perspective to deal with the hardships of life.

Breathe consciously and mindfully. You will make it to the other end safely- tide or no tide.

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