What’s your Happiness Index?

What is your happiness index? What makes you happy? Really really happy!!

You could answer this question by saying – A lot of money in my bank makes me happy!! Or a great relationship, a house, another job, another vacation etc etc. makes me happy.

There is no problem in seeing all the above things as a source of our happiness. But, with all of these, you are giving too much power to the external factors.

Often, we see people, who have all the materialistic things but still they are not happy and some people who don’t have big houses and big cars, but are still happy.

The purpose of this life is joy and only joy. It is the bliss you feel which comes through joyful living.

Have you noticed, the house or the new car, doesn’t give you the same rush of happiness and fulfillment after a while? It lasts for a few weeks or for a few months.
No matter what you achieve in life, it can only be felt when you are happy from within.

There is an old story which explains the life of a musk deer. -“All his life, a musk deer keeps roaming in search of a fragrance which he thinks is coming from somewhere outside of him. And he runs, runs and runs. But little does he know that it is coming from within him. ”

The happiness is like that fragrance which is within the musk deer which it doesn’t know and keeps chasing that wonderful scent all his life. All it must do is to -Stop, and see within.

I believe all these examples are being given to us intentionally by nature to make us understand the real essence of happiness lies within us.

Let’s try a few ways to increase our happiness index:

1. Don’t mix disappointment with your happiness. Disappointment is the time when something you expected, is not received. You should figure out that this is just a partial phase and this feeling should not control my happiness. Don’t mix the two. See the disappointment as an experience and move on.

2. Speak these 5 magic words aloud: The magic 5 words whenever you are in inner-conflict are “I want to feel good”. As soon as these words will vibrate in the environment, you would immediately notice the shift in the way you would feel. Keep repeating it until you find a reason to feel good.

3. Release ‘Unhappy’ moments as a learning experience: The so-called unhappy moments are there to make us learn something about life. Learn the lesson and let it go. Follow what Dr. Wayne Dyer, best-selling author and a spiritual teacher, often says -“Let go and Let God.”. The early we learn the lesson, and release the feeling, the better it is. Prolonged thought of the ‘unhappy’ moments will only lead to further dissatisfaction in life.

4. Ask yourself about ‘how are you feeling’: The whole day, we ask everyone how they are feeling? Try asking this question to yourself. If the answer is anything but ‘Very Good’, shift your focus to the things in life you are grateful for. Keep thinking till you get the answer ‘I am feeling very good’. Gratitude and love are the 2 things that can do miracles.

Keep raising your happiness index. It has no limits.

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