20 ways to stay creative!!

Creativity is a blessing. We all are creative, beyond our imaginations.

Let’s ponder on some ways to stay in touch with our creative sides:

  1. Surround yourself with creative people.
  2. Make a creativity journal to note down your ideas.
  3. Get lots of rest.
  4. Be open to compliments or criticism.
  5. Sing in the shower.
  6. Meditate (my favorite).
  7. Be in a state of gratitude.
  8. Don’t try to be someone else. You are unique. Be YOU.
  9. Clean your work space. It will help to have a clear mind to think creatively.
  10. Take risks. Go in the unknown to explore it.
  11. Listen to music , new and old.
  12. Count your blessings.
  13. Take regular breaks and relax.
  14. Go out for a walk.
  15. Carry a notebook to write your ideas..
  16. Collaborate.
  17. Never beat yourself up for anything you did or didn’t do. Take it as an experience and move on.
  18. If it doesn’t  feel right, it probably isn’t right.
  19. Practice, Practice, Practice. and some more Practice.
  20. Finish, what you started.

Stay creative, Stay blessed.

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