20 Simple pleasures of life that will make you smile instantly..

These busy hectic days, while we are watching some kind of screen the whole day, aren’t we losing out on simple pleasures of life, which happen to be all around us but we hardly notice them.

To cheer up your day, I have shortlisted 20 simple pleasures of life, which will bring an instant smile to your face, guaranteed:

  1.  On the rushed morning, getting green signals on your way to work.
  2. Sound of the laughter of your kids
  3. Hand-written birthday card from your child
  4. Noise of the wrapping paper when opening Christmas presents.
  5. First day of your dream job
  6. Counting the stars with your siblings, while camping on a beach
  7. Sipping a cup of hot tea in a rainy day
  8. Finding money in the pocket of your old pants
  9. Getting a surprise package on your birthday
  10. Hearing the music of your current mood
  11. Finding the last spot of parking, just in time
  12. Getting a good compliment
  13. Making sand castles on a beach and then watching them wash off
  14. The feel after a great workout.
  15. Holding hands while walking at a beach, barefoot
  16. Fighting with your sibling, on who pops bubble wraps fast
  17. Sipping into your favorite wine with your partner
  18. Strawberry picking with your kids
  19. Not been able to finish a joke, as you burst out laughing each time you start
  20. Finishing, what you started.

Enjoy simple pleasures. 🙂

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