Slow down!

I-dont-do-hurry-I-dontIn this fast world, we often forget to slow down.

We believe, that if we rush from one moment to another, from one place to another, then we have a better chance of getting everything done.

To our surprise, even our mind convinces us that slowing down is not a good idea. It keeps whispering that we should rush our breath, our mind and our body to move to the next place, and to the next moment.

But, after rushing all through my life, I have finally realized that slowing down is the key to accomplish more.

When we slow down our mind, our mind have more time to analyze and comprehend what we are doing.

For most people, rushing becomes a way of living. They spend a whole chunk of their lives just rushing from one place to another. They have no gap in their thoughts, to think about slowing down. If you feel that life seems to be rushing all the time, it is a signal to slow down.

To be aware that you are rushing, is first step. At least, you have diagnosed the issue. All you need now, is the cure.

The solution is simple- Slow down. Take a few conscious breaths. Relax and enjoy the life slowly, one moment at a time, one step at a time.

I have noticed that my inner energy totally changes when I stop rushing and be aware of the NOW. When my mind wants to rush,  I tell myself – “I am not going to rush, no matter what.”

Whenever you find yourself rushed up, try to follow these steps to come back to the NOW.

  1. Follow the acronym STOP (as explained by one of my favorite authors, Deepak Chopra)
    • Stop for a few moments
    • Take 5-10 conscious deep breaths
    • Observe what’s around yourself
    • Proceed again with fresh and relaxed mind.

2. Sit, take a few deep breaths and analyze- ‘what am I trying to accomplish. Am I trying to prove a point to someone that I am such a good and hard worker? Or should I enjoy what I am doing?’

3. Become mindful of what you are doing at the moment. Becoming mindful will take a lot of unknowns from whatever you are dealing with.

4. Prepare your routine for the next day. Do your time management, a night before, and write it down on paper. Words have special powers when they are written down. Once you get comfortable with next day’s routine, that gives you enough time to work and relax at the same time-  try to follow that routine. Your brain knows what to expect as it has already run in your mind once.

5. If you have kids, then start preparing them for next day’s routine a night before, as well. Make them understand the power of time and how a relaxed day boost everyone’s mood.

With growing kids and their activity charts,  it often gets overwhelming for all parents. Sit with your partner and decide how you can save some  rushing around with evenly distributing your time. If it gets too overwhelming, it’s OK to sign them off for a ice skating season, or a music class. Try and analyze their hobbies with their classes.

Slow down.Relax. Life is not a race.Enjoy the journey.


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